Switzerland: Data Curator / Coordinator for External Data

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Nov 152019

Organization: International Committee of the Red Cross
Country: Switzerland
Closing date: 01 Dec 2019

What we do

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) works worldwide to provide humanitarian assistance to people affected by conflict and armed violence. We take action in response to emergencies and at the same time promote respect for international humanitarian law. We are an independent and neutral organization, and our mandate stems essentially from the Geneva Conventions of 1949. We work closely with National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and with their International Federation in order to ensure a concerted, rational and rapid humanitarian response to the needs of the victims of armed conflict or any other situation of internal violence. We direct and coordinate the international activities conducted in these situations.


In the framework of extending the ICRC’s evidence-based understanding of its operational environment and humanitarian situations, and of leveraging relevant data sources, the TRAK unit is recruiting a Coordinator for External Data. The Coordinator for External Data’s work will form an integral part of the ICRC’s evolving data analytics activities, facilitating the organization’s access and informed usage of data sources produced externally. The Coordinator for External data will liaise with different ICRC métiers, interact with external data producers and providers, and connect with the wider humanitarian data ecosystem.

Accountabilities & Functional responsibilities

Under the supervision of the Data and Analytics Advisor, the Coordinator for External Data will have the following main responsibilities:

  • Facilitate external data integration for users by
    • developing and maintaining a catalog of external data sources that is easily accessible for all ICRC staff and coherent with the glossary of ICRC businesses
    • helping users making tradeoffs between expected benefits and potential risks of integrating and external source of data
    • centralizing experience and knowledge about external data accessibility, quality, use and integration
    • clarifying the modalities of access to external data sources to reinforce coherence and efficiency
  • Establish trusting working relationships with departments and the field to understand the evolution of their needs in a concrete way and create synergies where and when possible
  • Coordinate and participate in the assessment of external data business needs across the ICRC
  • Collect data requirements and identify data sources that can contribute to decision-making processes
  • Contribute to the ICRC’s data literacy program and the ICRC’s maturity in using external data sources
  • Produce reports documenting the progress of external data integration at the ICRC
  • Directly negotiate or actively support data acquisition with data producers and providers in close coordination with the Office of the Director of Digital Transformation and Data
  • Ensure data governance, data protection and accuracy of analysis
  • Identify and highlight ethical or data protection issues associated with specific data sources

Background and Competencies

  • A genuine interest in humanitarian action and the ICRC’s work
  • Advanced digital and data skills
  • Deep and demonstrated (e.g. through publications, projects, source code) knowledge of information retrieval and data processing, including semantic web technologies, taxonomy and ontology development
  • Experience with automated collection and storage of large amounts of structured and unstructured data retrieved in varying frequencies through web APIs and other methods
  • Applied knowledge of data analysis and statistical methods
  • Fluency in Python and solid knowledge of SQL
  • Experience with both Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Storytelling ability to communicate results of analysis to technical and non-technical audiences through visually clear reports and dashboards (e.g. with Tableau)
  • High awareness of data protection and privacy implications of data analytics

Certifications / Education required

  • At least a master’s degree in social sciences, library studies, information science, statistics or related fields, with a quantitative and qualitative components

Professional Experience required

  • 2 to 6 years of data-related work experience, including multi-stakeholder data coordination

  • Solid experience in combining quantitative and qualitative research

  • Experience in non-profit organizations and humanitarian information management are an asset

  • Excellent command of English and good working knowledge of French, with additional languages being highly desirable

Desired profile and skills

  • Highly structured, well-organized, meticulous, creative, open-minded and pragmatic with a scientific approach to solving problems
  • Team player with strong communication and intercultural skills, who can work well in cross-functional environments
  • Ability to adapt to varying workloads, to work under pressure and in crisis mode with very short deadlines in a constrained technological environment
  • Have a broad overview and hands-on experience with open source technologies related to data analysis

Additional information

  • Location : Geneva
  • Type of position : Permanent
  • Type of contract : Open ended
  • Activity rate :100%
  • Estimated start date : February/March 2020
  • Application deadline : 01.12.2019

How to apply:

Follow the link:

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