Dec 062018

Organization: International Catholic Center of Geneva
Country: Switzerland
Closing date: 07 Dec 2018

*Please note that this position will be opened upon approval of project proposal by donors.*

EMPLOYER: International Catholic Center of Geneva (CCIG)

TITLE OF THE MANDATE: Project Manager and Fundraiser


RESPONSIBLE TO: CCIG Secretary General and Board

STARTING DATE: January 2019

ENDING DATE: March 2020

ACTIVITY RATE: 20% corresponding to 56 workdays (flexibility required depending on the phase of the project)

PLACE: CCIG Office, rue de Varembé 1, 1202 Geneva (Switzerland)


The primary focus of the Consultant’s work will be: Management of Projects and Fundraising.

Specific services shall include:

  1. Management and Reporting of the project titled “Strengthening Bolivia’s civil society in the context of the 2019 Universal Periodic Review (UPR)”.
  2. Fundraising, including preparation of funding applications.


  • Implementation of project activities (based in Geneva and possible travel in Bolivia):

  • Responsible for providing logistical support for project activities (e.g. the organization of meetings, travels and training sessions for NGO representatives).

  • Ensuring compliance to project control processes and maintains/improves long term planning based on internal & external benchmarks (follow the project expenses and cash flow, monitor project deliverables, provide reliable data and analyses).

  • Preparation and supervision of invoices, receipts and other evidences of expenditure.

  • Coordination with CCIG Accountant to ensure that project incomes and expenditures are correctly reflected in CCIG annual financial report, in accordance with donors’ requirements.

  • Coordination with CCIG Secretary General and Board Members to continuously update on financial situation of project and upcoming risks & opportunities.

  • Intermediate and final reporting to donors (narrative and financial reports).

  • Research and Prepare package of information for training sessions in the field (including UN documents and other materials);

  • Miscellaneous office tasks and organizational duties.

  • Preparation of at least one new funding proposal.


  • Fundraising: Maintain timely and consistent contact with current donors and potential donors.



  1. Master’s degree in a relevant field, e.g. international relations, international law, human rights, development and cooperation, multicultural communication.


  1. A minimum of two years’ experience in international NGOs’ environment, in particular in the field of project management.
  2. Knowledge of and experience in working with Catholic-inspired NGOs is highly valued.
  3. Experience in fundraising for international NGOs desirable.


· Proven ability to relate to international NGOs and its local members working in the Development and Human Rights.

· Ability to interface easily and be able to deliver clear and actionable analysis to both CCIG Secretary general and CCIG Accountant.

· Understanding of Budgeting processes.

· Knowledge of fund raising/development practices, standards, and reporting.

· Understanding of Advocacy work within the UN system for the promotion and protection of human rights, including understanding of implications of NGO participation.

· Knowledge of the functioning of the Universal Periodic Review is highly valued.

· Personal computers, hardware, and software programs including; Word, Outlook, Excel.


  • Advanced oral and written communication in English, French and Spanish.


· Work effectively without direct supervision.

· Maintain flexibility to adapt to a variety of workload assignments.

For more information on CCIG, please consult our website at:

How to apply:

To apply, please send your CV and Cover letter to: by Friday, December 7.

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