Nov 072018

Organization: Geneva Call
Country: Switzerland
Closing date: 30 Nov 2018

In situations of armed conflict, Geneva Call, as a neutral, impartial and independent international humanitarian organization, endeavors to strengthen the respect of humanitarian norms and principles by armed non-State actors, in order to improve the protection of civilians, while supporting local communities in their efforts to enhance their own protection. Appel de Genève/Geneva Call is a private, not-for-profit, humanitarian organization foundation under Swiss law, founded in 1998.


The Head of Finance oversees the Finance Unit and provides financial analysis, training and strategic support to the Headquarters in Geneva and to the offices in regions where Geneva Call operates.


For all tasks: The job holder respects the confidentiality of all administrative, financial and HR information

Core Responsibilities:

Responsibility for the overall finance system:

  • Manage Geneva Call’s accounting and finance activities, overseeing all tasks and procedures;

  • Work to ensure the effective implementation of the internal financial controls framework and undertake all aspects of monitoring activities, including drafting, maintaining and enhancing financial risk management plans;

  • Assume overall responsibility for the accounting system and ensuring the accuracy and completeness of all financial records;

  • Manage the overall budget and monitor cash flow;

  • Ensure all financial obligations are paid in an accurate and timely manner (internal obligations towards other offices and external obligations, towards suppliers and other stakeholders);

  • Manage the treasury cycle, safeguarding Geneva Call’s funds;

  • Provide regular analysis and reports, on request from the Director or the Board;

  • Responsible for annual audited financial statements;

  • Liaise with the Geneva Call’s external auditors, tax advisors, bankers, lawyers, stakeholders and all relevant authorities; Ensure that it is possible to provide the authorities with documented proof and the numerical rationale for decisions made and financial data reported; and liaise with regulators when necessary.

  • Ensure the overall financial integrity of the organization;

  • Oversee the payroll process and ensure all salaries are correctly processed and paid, that all employee and employer obligations are properly managed and that all relevant forms are submitted to the authorities and to employees;

  • Complete and submit all donor financial reports in an accurate and timely manner;

  • Be alert and proactive with respect to all financial regulatory changes and practices which may impact Geneva Call’s regulatory status;

  • Manage the financial team;

  • Train line managers and staff with financial responsibilities;

· Review, contribute and prepare new programme budgets to be submitted to donors in close collaboration with the Programmes Manager, and the financial controllers;

· Report any information from field offices that is relevant to the Head of Regions and/or Directorate;

· Monitor the funding situation and prepare the funding grid at the end of each month;

  • Implement the anti-corruption policy.

Main qualifications

  • University degree in Accounting/Finance/Management/Business Administration;
  • At least 8 to 10 years post qualification experience, preferably in a financial service or an NGO;

· Strong entrepreneurial/self-starter spirit;

· Good knowledge of internal control mechanisms, projects and process implementations;

  • Advantageous: Familiarity with securities and audit reporting procedures;
  • Working knowledge of an ERP/Navision will be an advantage;
  • Working knowledge of the financial process with donors;
  • Detailed knowledge of accounting principles and practices, including regulatory frameworks and good understanding of the Swiss and international financial regulation;

· In-depth knowledge of the financial rules and procedures of major international institutional donors (ECHO, DFID, EU, UN and others);

  • Awareness of the relevant legislation and regulatory requirements;

· English and French fluency;

· Experience with international donors highly desirable;

· Experience in finance management in the field;

· Strategic thinking, the ability to manage resources to optimise results, to empower and build trust, initiate action and change, manage performance and development, and be an influencer.

Conflict of interest

Any candidate affiliated to, or openly supporting, one or more interest groups opposed to the Foundation’s principles and values, or whose previous position could engender safety issues for co-workers at Appel de Genève/Geneva Call, will be excluded from this selection process.


· Position: 100%

· CDI (open-ended) contract, based in Geneva

· Preferred start date: As soon as possible

How to apply:

To apply, please send your cover letter, CV, work certificate/recommendation letter and diploma in PDF format to, Ref: “Headfin” no later than 30.11.2018.

All applications will be kept confidential. Please note that only shortlisted candidate will be contacted for further process.

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