Oct 182018

Organization: Civitas Maxima
Country: Switzerland
Closing date: 05 Nov 2018

Civitas Maxima (CM) coordinates a network of national and international lawyers and investigators who work for the interest of victims of international crimes. It operates in situations where no legal action to bring the perpetrators to justice has been successful and works in close partnership with local partners, notably the Global Justice and Research Project (GJRP) based in Monrovia. CM represents victims of war crimes and crimes against humanity from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast. CM’s work has led to the arrest of several alleged war criminals in Europe and North America and contributed to securing a guilty verdict for two former Liberian war lords.

Civitas Maxima’s work is primarily funded by grants from private foundations.

CM was registered in September 2012 as an association in Geneva, Switzerland, and is recognized by the Swiss authorities as a not-for-profit organization**.** For more information:

Job Description:

CM is looking for a Grants Manager starting ideally on 01 December 2018 to support the organization’s growing need for highly qualified fundraising professionals. Ideally the Grants Manager would be a young professional based in Geneva who is looking for a long-term engagement in the fundraising field. The position is permanent but part-time.


· Work with CM’s legal staff to obtain a good understanding of CM’s work and of the achievements, outcomes and challenges to be highlighted in interactions with institutional donors.

· Contribute to the definition and implementation of the CM fundraising strategy.

· Write reports to be submitted to institutional donors that fund CM’s work. Work with CM finance officer on budgets to be submitted to donors.

· Write applications for grant-renewals or applications to obtain new grants.

· Conduct research to identify prospective donors that could support CM’s as well as GJRP’s work.

· Create strong fundraising message(s) that appeal to potential institutional donors.

· Liaise with the GJRP in Monrovia to support them in their fundraising efforts and, if needed, conduct training with GJRP fundraising staff on grant-writing.

· Monitor CM’s implementation of grant-agreements, including reporting obligations and the implementation of budgets and activities as agreed.

· Ensure that all institutional donors are regularly updated of CM’s work.

· Maintain records of donor and external stakeholder information for future use.

· Work with CM’s Communications and Private Fundraising staff to ensure coherence of CM’s messaging to external stakeholders.

· Train and oversee volunteers and/or interns, as the case may be.


  • Be in possession of a work permit in Switzerland OR have a Schengen passport

  • Native (or close to native) English and French speaker.

  • Excellent drafting skills in both languages.

  • Experience in producing written reports.

  • At least a bachelor’s degree in international relations, politics, law or related fields. Good understanding of international criminal justice.

  • Experience working in a fundraising role or in communications, PR, marketing or sales would be an asset.

  • Excellent communicator and quick learner.

  • Strong analytical skills and attention to detail.

  • Strong computer and presentation skills.

  • Respect for other cultures and value systems, flexibility, ability to work independently and to take initiative.

  • Utmost respect for confidentiality.

How to apply:

To apply, send a CV and a short cover letter explaining your reasons for applying to this position to Alexandre Flahault as soon as possible but by November 05 at the latest.

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