Aug 282018

Organization: Seeds
Country: Switzerland
Closing date: 31 Aug 2018

BASED IN: Geneva, Switzerland


TIME COMMITMENT: Min. 50% of time


Seeds is a Swiss-based NGO supporting microfinance and social business projects in Uganda. Active since 2013, Seeds has currently reached more than 6000 beneficiaries thanks to several hundred private and institutional donors and the volunteer work of more than 10 professionals.

Seeds is now looking for a young Communication volunteer, passionate about contributing to the development of this startup: want to join us in this adventure?


The volunteer is responsible for supporting organizational operations in the field of communications. This position offers the opportunity to develop communicative skills across a wide range of activities and requires a highly motivated individual who is passionate about promoting the work of Seeds.


  1. Newsletters: Design and send newsletters sent to various partners (such as private donors, new groups etc), and measure their impact.

  2. Website: Keep site up-to-date by publishing photos, news, and project information.

  3. Marketing Campaigns: Design and manage a marketing campaign through social networks and other means.

  4. Event Planning: Coordinate the preparation of a fundraising event in Geneva by the end of 2018.


This position offers the opportunity to contribute to the development of exciting programs of a start-up NGO as well as to develop communication skills as applied to the nonprofit sector. Taking part in Seeds’ activities will also provide you with a better understanding of microfinance programs and issues affecting rural Africa. You will obtain hands on experience in the field of international development within a cooperative and intercultural environment.

For more information about what you could gain from volunteering with Seeds, please read testimonials of recent volunteers


• Proactivity and the ability to work independently

• Ability to multi-task, remain organized, and meet deadlines

• Good knowledge in main digital communication tools

• Strong writing and verbal communication skills

• Fluency in English required; fluency in French is desirable (minimum intermediate level)

Please note: As this is an unpaid position, the willingness and ability to work without remuneration is required. A valid permit to work in Switzerland is also required.

How to apply:

Interested candidates should send their application to with a CV and a cover letter.

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