Apr 212017

Organization: UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Country: Switzerland
Closing date: 10 May 2017

UNHCR’s 2016 Evaluation Policy establishes the overarching framework for a strengthened and professionalized evaluation function, introduces a system of both centralized and decentralized evaluations, and strengthened quality assurance. Reporting to the Head of Service, the Senior Evaluation Officer (Quality Assurance) will specifically focus on strengthening the evaluation function with a more rigorous and consistent evaluation quality assurance. S/he will also contribute to the development of guidelines and technical support and designing, commissioning, managing different types of evaluative work. The post requires strong evaluation expertise and experience, qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods, analytical and conceptual thinking capacity, ability to capture findings in clear, concise structured and well written reports. The deadline for applications is 10 May 2017.

How to apply:

For further details on the Job Description and application process, please go to:

or -> select ‘International vacancies’ and search for Job ID 13802

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